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Karanganyar, Matesih, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
About Me, a representative of a society who left behind from technology. A man from a remote arrea in Java, Indonesia. A little village thats never availe on a world map.I want to try to follow the fast rotating of the world.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bussiness centre

here we re...a project that i worked,.in my jobless period..
a bussiness centre..,3 Ruko ( a shop )..
one a sparepart farming hard equipment,..a coffeshop.//an an office to make a online trading company....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

wait Final time World cup 2010

This night I waiting for a momment of,..world cup final,2010
Spain vs Holland..
The matadors...have villa,.ienesta, Puyol ,casillas..
The Oranje have...sneijder, robben, Kuyt, bronchorst,..
I hold the Orange, Holland..!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MyHum,in geo position..

fora several days I m relax,..after resigning, since 3 Mei 2010.
I lay downm in my luvely hum,..
a natural home,..near a pady field in a small village,..
let me a while,..I wanna have a iddle time..before I must continue this life..
to get my bread and butter..he..he
Here Its,..my humz
viewed by google earth,..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Separoh jiwaku, Pergi

Mei 1'st 2010,..i make a big decissision in my life..
I am resign from my lovely Company...!!!..
in order to,..I wanna re sett my life,..n focusing in myt family in solo..
I feel like,..lost of half my soul..
i have nothin',..now..
But I need a ,..true step for my future..
so,..now I putt of my carreeer,...
my decission i dedicate to my family,..tahts i love them much...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Try to apply a new Job

Iam an ASTRA 's Finance employee,till now,15 years experience,Good character, high loyality,good skill in english, Computer,..team leading,..
ability to present a data,..Non Performance Loan rate on solo with more than 10.000 cust as a data sample.

I m need a new job,..located in Solo, Central Java.
My one purpose is : i want to get ajob near my family,...
I want to gather with my 7 years separated family,..caused I must do my Job in other island...!!!